Low-Code Solutions: Easing Project Struggles


Nov 28, 2023

In IT, achieving smooth projects is the goal, but reality often presents challenges. Despite the potential of low-code, like Mendix, the road to success has hurdles. This article delves into low-code solutions, focusing on Mendix, and explores the role of expertise in three common project struggles.

Low-Code with Mendix: A Subscription To Innovation

Mendix is a low-code platform all about innovation, incorporating #AI, #ML, #MX connect and much much more. With major releases each year and a stream of minor releases, Mendix keeps you subscribed to innovation. However, challenges can arise.

Navigating the Mendix Version Upgrade:

One common roadblock is upgrading Mendix applications. As Mendix evolves and introduces capabilities, staying up to date is essential. Tackling a version upgrade can be challenging, the longer you wait, the more risk you will face. Our team at Kobeon assists in the transition to the latest (LTS/MTS) Mendix version, ensuring applications remain secure and modern.

Conquering the Technology Barrier:

In the fast-paced IT world, new technologies emerge rapidly. Adapting can be a struggle. Kobeon provides tailored solutions. We create custom widgets to address technology-specific issues, bridging the knowledge gap and propelling projects forward.

Eventough Mendix has a rich app store with loads of great features, sometimes the thing you need is not there yet. We help you bridge the gap until Mendix comes up with a solution within the platform.

Examples could be as straightforward as  a font awesome collection to an editable polygon map or as complex as a full fledged resource scheduler.

Integrating Mendix into Your Landscape:

Another common hurdle we see is integration of Mendix into the existing landscape. We step in as your hands-on sparring partner, working closely with your team, providing guidance and practical solutions.

In the dynamic landscape of IT projects, the challenges are real, technologies ever changing , but the solutions are within reach. Mendix simplifies aspects of projects, but it's expertise and tailored solutions that transform challenges into growth and innovation opportunities for your organization.

If you navigate a Mendix version upgrade, grapple with new technology, or seek seamless integration, reach out to Kobeon. We make your project journey smoother and more successful.

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