Breaking Down the Complexity: Solving a Native Challenge with Mendix

Success stories


Oct 13, 2023

Kobeon was tasked with helping our client overcome a complex native app challenge. The client's existing team had already developed a basic prototype, but they were struggling with the more complex aspects of building, signing, and publishing the app in the iOS and Playstore. They had also encountered synchronization problems between the app and the client's backend systems and integrating a third party service in their Native application.

Our team did the impossible

To tackle these challenges, we partnered with the client's team and provided expert guidance on all things related to the native app development process. We first helped them refine their development process by adopting a "mobile-first" approach, where every decision they made had to be geared towards delivering the best possible user experience on mobile devices.

We then provided hands-on training on how to navigate the intricacies of building, signing, and publishing the app in the iOS App Store. This included best practices for generating and managing the necessary certificates and provisioning profiles, as well as strategies for resolving common errors and issues that can arise during the submission process.

Finally, we helped the client's team tackle the synchronization problems they were encountering. This involved working closely with the client's backend developers to identify the root causes of the issues and implementing effective solutions that would ensure seamless data synchronization between the app and the backend systems.

In just 20 days, we provided expert guidance and training to a client's team to overcome complex native app challenges, including building, signing, and publishing the app in the iOS App Store and tackling synchronization issues with backend systems.

Success, what's next?

By working closely with the client's team and leveraging our expertise in native app development, we were able to help them overcome their challenges and deliver a high-quality native app that met all their requirements. And by training them on the best practices and strategies for native app development, we helped them build the skills and knowledge they needed to continue delivering great mobile experiences for their customers in the future.

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